Chad Condit for Congress

Chad Condit for Congress


About Chad

My candidacy for Congress is built on an independent spirit and belief that we can do better than the partisan gridlock that plagues Washington DC.

I grew up in Ceres, watching leaders like John Thurman, Ken Maddy, and Gary Condit, lead our valley in an independent bipartisan way, always putting people ahead of their party.  I share that common respect for voters of any affiliation with understanding that real solutions don’t fit between the lines of one party or another.

This June 5th, the voters of the 10th congressional district, have an opportunity for the first time to vote for a non-partisan candidate. We the people, can send a strong message to the national political parties; that they are part of the problem!  We will not be taken for granted. We will demand open and honest debate.  And, we will make a difference.

I understand the political courage it takes for someone to support an independent candidate for Congress. But to solve the problems we face today, it is a courageous and purposeful mission that we must take together.  Only “we the people”, can accomplish the kind of reforms we need in Washington DC. As a former member of the United States Navy, and a resident of our district for 36 years, I ask you to join me, to make a difference.

Whether you are registered as a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, we can change the direction and tone of Washington DC. I will work everyday as your Congressman, with only an allegiance to the people who elect me, Chad Condit.


Most of what is wrong with Washington is caused by partisanship. The best way to end the partisanship is to elect independent candidates who are not connected to either the Republicans or the Democrats.

Agriculture is the heart and soul of the Central Valley. We cannot abandon it. We can make it better. We can make it the engine of our economic recovery. And, we must make agriculture our most trusted and  powerful tool of American foreign policy.

Government cannot right every wrong or cure every sorrow. But, when government does act it must be fair. I will support public policies that protect the rights of individuals — their civil rights, their right to religious freedom, their rights to equal opportunity.


The Valley has sent both Republicans and Democrats to Congress. It doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Both parties are controlled in DC. Our Congressmen give the same partisan, cookie-cutter answers on virtually every issue.

Congress was not always this partisan. It was not that many years ago when Independent Democrats and Independent Republicans worked together to resolve problems. The partisan Washington crowd, on both sides, has silenced the independent thinkers.

If the people of this community will stand behind me, there is nothing Washington can offer, nor any threat Washington can make that can compare to what I have already seen. I know their game. I will be respectful, mindful for the opportunity to find common ground, but unswayed by their efforts to cajole or intimidate. Truly Independent. That’s what makes me different.

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