Chad Condit for Congress

Chad Condit for Congress

Kocking on Doors

A Reason to Vote

On election day, we stopped at a woman’s house who was not home.  However, her daughter was there.  She was not on our voter list because she “hasn’t voted forever because there was no reason to vote for any of them anymore.”

We had a short conversation about how Chad was running for the very reason she has not been voting, told her how there were 100 people walking the streets for Chad, we were running a grassroots campaign against the parties, and so on … she said, “he sounds like someone worth voting for.”

About 10 minutes later, I met up with Couper Condit, Chad’s 16 year-old son, and he said “I’m going to go back to make sure she votes.”  Couper informed me that they had a great conversation.  She turned out to be fairly religious.  Couper then drew upon some words from his great-grandfather and minister, Adrian (known as “Pa”), who continues to be an inspiration to the family.  The conversation concluded with the young woman saying, “Jesus would want me to vote today.”

I was just looking through Chad’s Facebook page and reading all the great comments when I happened to click on a person’s profile who just “liked” Chad’s page.

She appears to be a single mom, and she’s Chad’s newest supporter.

I think we can safely say that yesterday, at least one disenfranchised voter made her way to the voting booth, because Chad Condit gave her a reason to vote.

-Chad Condit supporter


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