Chad Condit for Congress

Chad Condit for Congress

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As an Independent Campaign, We Can Make History

It is easy to complain about the ineffectively of Congress, and for good reason. But if we do not diagnose the problems with our current system of representation, we can’t expect a cure. I believe that most of our current political strife can be traced to a partisan electoral system, media, and culture that has slowly reduced the problems we face to a shallow two-sided debate. And those of us with alternative ideas, solutions, or who otherwise don’t fit into the cookie cutter Red v. Blue finger-pointing parade get pushed to the sidelines.

But Congress was not always this partisan. Sure, Democrats and Republicans have had core principles on which they traditionally stood, but good representatives used to work together toward practical solutions in the interest of all Americans.

Now, the Democrats and Republicans have turned government into a game where everything is about winning.  Red legislators are given a game plan, and if they run the wrong route you’re put on the bench.  Blue Congresspersons are given a road map, and if they turn down the wrong street, they lose their license. And if a Blue and takes a Red position or a Red a Blue, well forget about running for office ever again; coach says your off the team.

The best way to end the partisanship is to elect independent candidates who are not connected to either the Republicans or the Democrats.

The Valley has sent both Republicans and Democrats to Congress. It was not that many years ago when Independent Democrats and Independent Republicans worked together to resolve problems. The partisan Washington crowd, on both sides, has silenced the independent thinkers.

If the people of this community will stand behind me, there is nothing Washington can offer, nor any threat Washington can make that can compare to what I have already seen. I know their game. I will be respectful, mindful of the opportunity to find common ground, but unswayed by their efforts to cajole or intimidate. Truly Independent. That’s what makes me different.

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