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Chad Condit for Congress

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Jeff Denham Welcomes Washington, DC Puppeteer to Modesto

John Boehner’s visit to Modesto is welcome news for my honorable opponent, Jeff Denham. But what Speaker Boehner’s visit symbolizes is much more than a showing of support for the incumbent. It is a rubber-stamp from the Washington, DC Republican machine as a token of gratitude for voting along the party-line 97% of the time he’s been in Congress.

Jeff Denham's Website: Two Weeks Before Election

While Denham has made time to host the Speaker, he has yet to post a single issue on his website for the people of the Central Valley. However, if history is any indicator, we could look to the Republican Party platform to find out how he will vote.

Speaker Boehner will host a $500 a plate dinner for Denham. Donate $2,500 and you can have a 30-miunute photo shoot with the Washington, DC star.

How many people can attend this dinner? How many people will be able to ask Jeff Denham questions? How many issues that matter to the Central Valley like water and agriculture will take precedent over the national Republican talking points that will pervade this affluent affair?

From the Modesto Bee

We need to return to an era when representatives worked for the people of their district. We need leaders that will open their doors to the people of the Central Valley, before they lay down red carpet for the Washington, DC elite that perpetuate our partisan problems.

That is why I, Chad Condit, have opened my website, my Facebook page, and my campaign office to anyone who wants to know more about my campaign or get involved. While Denham and Hernandez have skipped out on debates and community functions, I’ve been shaking hands with the people of the district.

While Denham reaches out to D.C. lobbyists for some campaign cash and Hernandez looks to labor unions and the Democratic Party to guide him into office, I’ve been hosting “Chats with Chad,” walking door-to-door in every community in the district and accepting every invite I can to let the people know where I stand on the serious issues facing us today.

I am running for Congress because I believe government is about representing your entire constituency, not just a partisan portion of it. I am running for Congress because this district should not be beholden to Washington, DC outsiders so that they will show up in the district two weeks before the election and hold a lavish fundraiser. I am running for Congress because I am the only Candidate who is from the district. I am the only candidate that will truly represent it.

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