Chad Condit for Congress

Chad Condit for Congress


I Will Listen to People, not Polls

I recently announced my candidacy for Congress as an Independent. Many folks have asked why I chose to run as an independent. My opponents are honorable men with honorable intentions. However, one look at their websites will explain why I am running as an independent.

Neither of the sites reveals a single position on a single issue. Each of their campaigns are awaiting the nationwide polling on which the Republicans and Democrats each construct their campaigns out of Washington. I have opened my campaign and my web site with a list of issues and some simple straight forward thoughts about my feelings about those issues.

My most important position, though, is to listen to folks in the District, understanding that we cannot expect to all agree all of the time. Congress should be about coming together to resolve these differences, not tearing each other apart. The Democrats and the Republicans have lost touch with this responsibility.

That’s why I am an Independent.

Chad Condit for Congress 2012

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